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Har du spørsmål til legen?

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Kløende pigmentendringer i huden


Etter at jeg kom til Norge for å besøke min ektemann i Norge, så har jeg klødd veldig mye overalt på kroppen, men det er spesielt et sted på magen hvor det har klødd ekstra mye og der er det nå et en stor brun flekk på huden som har vært der i 8 uker, og den vokser jo mer jeg klør der. 1. Hva kan det være som gjør at jeg klør så mye på hele kroppen etter at jeg kom til Norge? 2. hvorfor har jeg fått et stort brunt merke på magen der det har klødd mest? 3. Og hva kan jeg gjøre for å få vekk det merket på magen og kløen på resten av kroppen? 4. Kan det være hudkreft? I am am from the Philippines and are in Norway now to visit my husband. My husband is writing the question in Norwegian for me, but please answer in English . In the Philipins is it always very hot and the air is very moist.

Kvinne 25

Hello and thank you for your answer. First of all, it is very correct that the physical surroundings including humidity of the air, is very different from the tropical Philipines, and indoor norwegian living all winter, with electrical heating which makes the air -and skin- very dry. This may very well explain you general itch. But it cannot normally produce pigment changes in the skin, like the two lesions you describe. The photos you sent are unfortunately not of high technical quality, so it is not easy to evaluate these. Dark pigment spots in the skin can theoretically be malign melanoma, skin cancer, and althoughI definitely don`t "think" this is the case here, I will under any circumstance advice you to let at doctor see these, to rule out malignant melanoma. This is the most important information you get here, so please do follow this advice.

But malignant melanomas normally don`t typically itch, and they don`t increase in size due to itching, like you describe. 

It could be a type of eczema, both because of your description, and the fact that they itch so much and get worse when you scratch them. That would be typical for eczema. To test out this possibility, I will recommend you to give it a try with hydrocortison creme 2-3 times daily for some days or a week, combined with absolutely keeping your fingers from scratching. You could do this the days before you go toa doctor now.

If it is eczema, you will soon see an improvement with hydrocortison, and an improvement with cortison also rules out the possibility of malignant melanoma more or less completely, because that wouldn`t respond to hydrocortison creme. 

Except for this, use a body lotion every day all over, especially after showering, to prevent dryness of the skin due to dry indoor air.

I hope this is useful information for you, and that you visit your doctor to rule out malignant melanoma, just for safety, -not that I belive it.


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