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Have I got chronic pericarditis?


Hi I am a UK citizen. My current symptoms seem to be very similar to chronic pericarditis, and I want to rule in / rule out this as my condition is making me unemployable. DETAILS I was a very healthy 45 year old male until December when I was admitted to ICU in Thailand with an anomalous ECG and chest pains and difficulty breathing (difficulty talking) causing insomnia. After a stay in a cardiology department I was released with a diagnosis of post viral fatigue that caused a small pleural effusion and costochondritis. I have been suffering ever since I got sick in December. CURRENT SYMPTOMS It is now 8 months later, and the condition is better that in January/ Feb but still persists. What is improved -Chest pain is not as painful -There is no sign of the pleural effusion in a recent x-ray. -Chest is not tender to touch Persistent Symptoms: I get the following symptoms which change in intensity over time -cough, dry tickly, a bit mucousy chest (feels like I inhaled dust or if I just completed hard exercise) -breathlessness -when it gets bad I feel too tired to talk -Sore feeing inside chest -Persistent chest pain that like a dull bruise on sternum and under ribs front and back.  -discomfort/ restlessness that means I don't sleep -Cardio is not as good as before -Also tingling in mouth and throat (like getting a cold)  -Cardio and upper body exercise seems to aggravate symptoms. - I am getting it every two weeks for about 3-5 days-Bouts -Muscle pain in torso after exercise -Quicker to tire during exercise than before and then once I tire it takes much longer to recover -It can feel more comfortable if I have my body upright.

Mann 45


You tell that you want to rule out or confirm chronic pericarditis, as you think that your symptoms seem similar to the symptoms of chronic pericarditis. Personally I think that your symptoms more likely could be caused by disease in the airways, like for instance asthma. I therefore recommend you to have this checked out, with spirometria. ("Breathing tests") This you do at a general practioner`s office or a pulmonologist.

Another thing is that we cannot help you with neither confirming nor ruling out chronic pericarditis, as we cannot examine you here by internett. Your description of subjective symptoms, which is the only thing we have got here, is not enough to confirm or rule out the diagnosis.  If you would like to have this ruled out, you have to go to a cardiologist, and there are several tests that may be done, like echo cardiography, to see if the walls of the heart is thickened or calcified. CT and MR of the heart are even better alternatives.

I hope the information here might be helpful to you, and wish you a quick and good recover. 


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