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Har du spørsmål til legen?

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I have had a vaginal yeast infection for nearly 4 months. I have tried all the over the counter medicine twice. My fast lege has also given me Flucosol Krke 150mg (1 tab a week for 6 weeks) I continue to use the Canasten cream. This is the third week and I am still suffering with itching and burning. I have also tried all the old remedies - diluted vinegar rinses - yogurt. Is there nothing else to do? My fast lege told me he is limited to the medications he has recommended.

Kvinne 72

Thank you for your question I Don't Believe You have any yeast infection it might be atrofia and you need some estrogen tablets vaginale administrated 

But another thing Is it could be something called Lichen sclerosus and that is treated with steroids cream and some lubricating cream  in order to exanine this you need to go to the specialist And maybe to take a biopsy from affected  ares. 

We need a diagosis in your case