Tvillinger, spontanabort


Hi Marit I am living in Norway, but I am originally from the Philippines. I am 33yo woman, married to a norwegian man. My norwegian is really basic, so I will ask my question in english. You can answer in either norsk or english. I am at my second pregnancy, but my first pregnancy was 12yrs ago. At my regular prenatal check up, at 4w3d (4weeks 3days), I had an abdominal ultrasound, but my GP couldnt find anything yet. And he decided not to go with a transvaginal ultrasound at this point, so as "not to disturb" the process. At 7w3d, I had a transvaginal ultrasound and we saw a heartbeat. However at 10w3d, my GP suspected a miscarriage because he couldn't find the baby thru an abdominal ultrasound, and we were sent to an OB for further check. I had a transvaginal u/z, at 10w6d, and 2 OBs (it is protocol before an abortion can be prescribed) confirmed a missed miscarriage (they found the baby that is smaller than what it should be, but no heartbeat) and prescribed a home abortion treatment to be started.

Kvinne 33

Hei! Du stiller vanskelige spørsmål som krever spesialkunnskap for å besvare. Det kan godt tenkes at det dreier seg om mono-mono og hvor den ene mistet hjerteaksjon tidligere enn den andre. Derav påvist kun hjerteaksjon til en ved uke 7w3d. Det ene fosteret som mistet hjerteaksjon kan ha påvirket det andre som resulterte i spontanabort. Du har rett i at dette er økt risiko-svangerskap.